Pasta & Pizza night fundrasier

8 Feb

Pasta and Pizza night fundrasier

TOUR FUNDRASING – Wine Info & Order form

1 Feb

Tasting notes: Brackenwood farm their vines biodynamically and get fairly hippy in the winery

wine-order-form 2016

Wine & Cheese night


Order name labels – and help our tour fundrasing effort!

2 Dec

Fundrasing Labels


Wine & Cheese night at YAV

1 Dec

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No dress rehearsal tonight and concert reminders

25 Nov

Dear Juniors and Inters families


There is no scheduled dress rehearsal tonight. I would like to ask any parents who are not quite sure about the dress requirement- particularly with the black pants to please bring in the ones you have for Anthea or one of the choir tutors or guardians to have a look at tonight. We do have a few loan ones here at YAV which we can fit but this cannot be done at the cathedral on the day of the concert. If your chorister is not in the correct uniform they will not be able to be in the front rows and this causes the tutors issues after all of the months of rehearsals in their set rows.


  • YAV coloured t-shirts (yellow for Juniors, orange for Inters)
  • Black formal dress pants. No leggings, jeans or track pants
  • Black socks
  • Black shoes
  • Hair neat and off the face. Plain black or hair coloured ties
  • No jewellery or nail polish


Choristers will also need water, a healthy (and non messy) snack. Book or quiet game. No electronics.


Drop off at cathedral on Sunday – Inters: 12.30, Juniors 1pm. Concert starts at 3pm  will be finished at 5.30pm.


This concert will be filmed and DVDs will be available for sale after post production has been carried out.


**Please also note that the cricket is on in the Adelaide Oval on Sunday**. Parking will be difficult. Please allow enough time to get your choristers to kiss & drop for their on stage rehearsals and to the concert yourselves.


Thanks, we look forward to seeing everyone at rehearsals tonight and at the concert on Sunday




Tracy Shepherd


Festive Concert Parking

19 Nov

Dear Parents/Guardians and choristers

As you may already be aware, there will be a test match cricket event taking place on the day of the concert.

This will likely have an effect on where you will be able to park.

Please see the link below which shows you event parking and road closures.

There will be kiss and drop facilities for choristers as with past concerts.

Kind regards


Juniors dress rehearsal still on

18 Nov

Dear Juniors families

Despite the heat, our Dress Rehearsal will go ahead tonight. The back hall has very good air conditioning and fans so will be comfortable. We will make sure the choristers have access to water to refill their bottles if needed.




Notice of AGM & Proxy Voting form

9 Nov

AGM Proxy Form 2015


NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of members will be held at Wesley Uniting Church, 27 Grenfell Street Kent Town on Monday 30th November, 2015 from 6.30pm.



  1. To confirm the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
  2. To receive and consider the reports of the Board on the proceedings of the Choir   during the period since the previous Annual General Meeting
  3. To receive and consider the statement of the accounts of the Choir for the year ended 31st December 2014
  4.  To receive and consider the auditor’s report for the year ended 31st December 2014
  5. To appoint an auditor for the ensuing year
  6. To elect Board Members:
Position Person / s nominated
Chairperson Matthew Winefield
Finance Karen Limb
Legal Alice Rolls
Marketing Sarah Williams
Business Management / Strategic Planning Tim Piper
Community Representative Suzanne Moorhead
Secretary Robin Anderson

7. To amend clause 10.2.1 of the Constitution as follows:


Subject to election at the General Meeting of persons with the appropriate skills and experience, the Board will comprise of the following elected office holders and will include the Artistic Director, who will not have voting rights.  All must be a natural person and Members of the Organisation and unless specified below (10.2.3), they shall be entitled to vote on any resolution before the Board, where there is no conflict of interest.


  • Chairperson
  • Finance Portfolio Board Member
  • Legal Portfolio Board Member
  • Marketing Portfolio Board Member
  • Fundraising Portfolio Board Member
  • Business Management / Strategic Planning Portfolio Board Member
  • Community Representative Board Member (2 positions)
  • Board Secretary – (no voting position)


Subject to approval by a resolution of the Board, the portfolios listed above may be added to or amended, provided that the skill set of the Board generally reflects the portfolios listed above.


With the exception of the Chairperson, Artistic Director and Board Secretary, in the event of unfilled portfolios, a person may hold more than one office, but no more than two.


The Board will be deemed effective, even if all Board positions are not filled.


At least one half of the Board must be Regular Members.

8. To deal with any other business which may lawfully be brought forward.

ISSUED BY AUTHORITY this 5th day of November, 2015

Helpers required for Festive Concert on 29th November, St Peter’s Cathedral

4 Nov

Dear Junior choir parents/guardians

Please follow this link if you are able to offer some time to help with the concert on Sunday 29th November or come into the office to talk to Anthea.

Thank you very much


YAV Manager

Term 4 Newsletter

28 Oct

28 October 2015

Dear Junior Choir Parents and Choristers

It is exciting to be back for our final stretch leading up to Christmas!

Congratulations to all choristers for their outstanding attendance last term. I am also delighted to welcome our new friends who have joined us recently, and I trust we will enjoy very rewarding rehearsals leading up to Christmas.

Our challenges for this term are to continue becoming confident in unison singing, solo singing, singing in harmony, and singing with beautiful diction and expressive faces. I am very hopeful that we can demonstrate all of these aspects in our singing and performing at our Christmas Concert!



Please note a decision has been made that this year we will not be involved in the Norwood Christmas Pageant due to the change in date.  This clashes with many choristers activities already taking place on this day.  We look forward to seeing you all at the Combined Christmas Concert (see details below)


Sunday 29 November  3:00pm   St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide

Arrival time:       1pm       Cynthia Poulton Hall, St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide

Please note there will be a Kiss and Drop from 1pm-1.15pm at the front of the Cathedral

What to wear:   Yellow T shirt, black pants (no leggings or tracksuits), black socks, polished black shoes with no additional colours please, hair off face, NO jewellery

What to bring:   Small snack and drink (NO NUTS or popcorn please)

Repertoire:         Away in A Manger, Gonna Catch That Santa, My Corner of the Sea and Amuworo

Please see download for additional songs that will be included in the concert. Alternatively, CDs of the songs are available from the Office for $2.

Pick up:                                From Cynthia Poulton Hall @ 5.30pm


  • YAV Junior yellow T shirt and black pants (no leggings or tracksuits), polished black shoes (no additional colours) and black socks.

Please remember there is a NO JEWELLERY rule and hair must be worn up and off the face.

WEDNESDAY 2nd DECEMBER will be our final rehearsal for the year.

This will be a SAUSAGE Sizzle and DVD evening with a Christmas game or two to celebrate!

I thank you sincerely in anticipation for helping the children learn their words for all performances:

I also THANK YOU very much for your continued enthusiasm, commitment, support and encouragement.

Yours in song

Glenni Kempe                                    Meredith Wilson                               Angela Centofanti          

Junior Choir Tutor                            Accompanist                                      Choir Guardian


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