A Winter Mosaic – helpers required

21 May

Please follow this link or contact the office if you are able to assist with our end of semester concert. It’s always wonderful to see how far the choristers have come over the past 2 terms and gives them the chance to see and hear what the other choirs have been doing.

We couldn’t do it with out you: http://doodle.com/2y7ty7k7eum5ay5p

Thank you!



AWM 2015 (800x765)


13 May

Dear YAV Community

1CC is planning to go on a Tour in June/July 2016. It seems a long time away but we are already starting with some fundraisers. One of them is a ‘Bottle-Drive’. In the coming months we will be collecting recyclable items like:




beer-bottles etc

Anything that is worth 10 cents!!!

If you have any of these items please bring them in to choir each week and put them into the boxes provided.

If you have any large quantities and are unable to drop them off at the choir, I am happy to collect them from your home or workplace. Please contact Anthea in the office if you need to arrange a collection.

Thank you very much for your support!

Kind Regards,

Angélique Roebers

Term 2 bulletin

29 Apr

Dear Junior Choir parents

A BIG welcome back to all Junior Choir members and parents! Parents are cordially invited to join us next week on May 6 from 5.45pm – 6.15pm for our Open Rehearsal.

We are off to a racing start this term with 2 gigs in the next 4 weeks! So we will be running very focused rehearsals in preparation for these events. It is important that your child attends rehearsals regularly as this will support our goals of presenting our best choral work.


We have 3 very important performances this Term! If you are able to assist as a choir guardian for these events please contact the office.
Sunday May 24 – Come Out Family Day@ The Terrace, Adelaide Festival Centre
Arrival time – 11.20am Stage Door, Festival Centre – look for the Junior Choir Guardians
Pick up – 12.45pm from the Stage Door, Festival Centre.
Repertoire: – Duck Dive Jive, Puppy Eyes and Kitty Cat Boogie– to be known off by heart
What to wear – black pants, yellow T shirts, black shoes, black socks, hair off face,
No Jewellery
Bring small snack and drink – no popcorn please

Sunday May 31 Young Adelaide Sings @ Elder Hall, North Tce @ 2pm
Arrival time – 12pm – look for the Choir Guardians at front steps
Pick up – 4pm from lawns in front of Elder Hall
Repertoire: – Duck Dive Jive, Puppy Eyes and Kitty Cat Boogie – to be known off by heart
What to wear – black pants, yellow T shirts, black shoes, black socks, hair off face,
No jewellery
Bring small snack and drink – no popcorn please
Tickets available at YAV Choir Office in due course

Sunday June 21 A Winter Mosaic – YAV Combined Concert @ 3.30pm
Elder Hall

• Junior Choir arrival time is 1.45pm
• Please arrive in Choir uniform – black pants, yellow T shirts, black shoes, black socks, hair off face, no jewellery
• Repertoire: – Duck Dive Jive, One Step At A Time, Kitty Cat Boogie
• Bring a drink and a snack – no popcorn please

Pizza & Concert DVD Night
The Wednesday following the concert (June 24), will be our final night for Term 2. We will celebrate with pizza, games and will watch a DVD of our performance. ($1 per piece of pizza and $1 for a drink)

We still require parent helpers for this very important and useful service to continue. Please see Anthea in the office or follow this link if you are able to offer half an hour of your time: http://doodle.com/6bxq9qi5f786imp6

Also – thank you for remembering to bring each week to rehearsal:
• Choir folder ****A HUGE thank you to all parents who were able to locate a Flic File with no binder! For those who are still looking, they can be purchased from the Office of YAV
• Wear rehearsal T shirt when possible
• Small snack and a drink – no popcorn please
I thank you sincerely for your enthusiasm and support.

Happy singing!!

Glenni Kempe – Tutor
Meredith Wilson – Accompanist
Angela Centofanti – Choir Guardian and Assistant Tutor

Choir rehearsals start this week

28 Apr

We look forward to welcoming our choirs back to rehearsals this week for a busy term for all choirs.


9 Apr


Dear Junior Choir members,

We have been asked to sing at the Big Family Weekend as part of the Come Out Children’s Festival on Sun 24 May 11am and 12pm at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

This is a great opportunity for us to sing to kids from 3 years and up, and to have another performance of our songs for Young Adelaide Sings!

Please put Sunday 24 May 11am – 12pm in your diaries.

For more information on the weekend:

The order has gone in, so you will receive your choir t-shirts early term 2.

Please make sure you also have black pants, black socks and black shoes. Black pants can be any formal, tailored trouser. No jeans, leggings or track pants. Next online have them for girls: http://au.nextdirect.com/en/x552610s3#890933, and boys: http://au.nextdirect.com/en/g30518s8#781675. Stubbies also do them but only for boys now.

Just a reminder that we begin rehearsing again on Wednesday 29 April and the choir office is closed from Thursday 9 April – Monday 27 April 2015.

More details regarding the concert will follow next term.

Happy holidays!

Christie Anderson
Artistic Director
Young Adelaide Voices

Term 2 Kiss and drop

9 Apr

Please follow this link to volunteer half an hour of your time at some point in the term to enable the kiss and drop service to be offered: http://doodle.com/6bxq9qi5f786imp6
We also need 2 parents to help with pizza night at the end of the term.

Thank you!

Full Choir & Junior Choir Diary updated

2 Apr

Please see above tab for full choir and junior choir diaries.

Enjoy the Easter break, we look forward to welcoming the Junior Choir back after the holidays on Wednesday 29th April for a busy Term 2.

Kiss and Drop helpers still required

24 Feb

Volunteers still required for Wednesday evening Kiss & Drop. Please offer half an hour of your time to ensure we can offer this useful and safe service for your children’s drop off at choir. Follow this link to select a Wednesday or see Anthea in the office: http://doodle.com/awmzvfkdtf99fhy2

Kiss and Drop service is for Junior and Intermediate Choir members. They can be safely collected from your car on Little Grenfell Street going towards the city and will be escorted to their choir rooms. Choir helpers will be identifiable in YAV highvis jackets and caps. Choristers must still be collected in person at the end of the rehearsal. Please see map for details: K&D

T-shirt swap Wednesday 4th March

24 Feb

We are again offering a t-shirt swap/order night for families who need new performance uniforms.

If you have a good condition performance t-shirt please bring it into the office during rehearsals tomorrow or before rehearsals on Wednesday 4th March and we will issue a credit of $10 towards your new t-shirt or for a straight swap for a suitable t-shirt where one is available.

Please see attached information for full details:

T-shirt swap

Tshirt swap

Welcome Back bulletin

12 Feb

Dear Junior Choir parents,

A HUGE WELCOME to all Junior Choir members! It is wonderful to see familiar faces again! And a SPECIAL WELCOME to our newcomers!

This year we will continue to develop our pitch and rhythmic skills in choir, focusing on excellent diction and wonderful stage etiquette. We will have lots of fun singing, learning new repertoire, practising our choreography and playing musical games.

All choristers need to please bring with them each week to rehearsal:
• **Display folder (preferably a Marbig Flic File 20 pocket A4 Ref # 22006 – available at YAV Choir office)
• Drink of water
• Small snack – no popcorn or chips please –MUST BE NUT FREE
**This flic file has no binders and has a clear front pocket for title and name. I will make a front cover name page for all Juniors. (The coil binders on folders prove to be unreliable and problematic – hence the request for the Flic File above)
Combined Concert Performances
Our 2 main performances this year are where all the choirs get together to sing! We each sing our own bracket of music, then join together to sing as a massed choir, which is always spectacular!

Our Mid-Year Concert is on Sunday, 21st June, at Elder Hall, University of Adelaide @ 3.30pm. More details will be given closer to the date.

Our Christmas Concert is on Sunday 29th November at St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide @ 3pm. More details will be given closer to the date.



Please feel most welcome to introduce yourself to me. I will always be available before and after rehearsals.

Choristers are always to be collected from the ‘foyer’ area outside the front door at 6.15pm.

I wish you a safe, happy and blessed 2015.

Yours in Song

Glenni Kempe Meredith Wilson Angela Centofanti
Tutor – Junior Choir Accompanist Choir Guardian


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